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To register for a class, please call Shelley at (818) 345-8022

2014 Class Dates

Mindful Parent Monthly Group:

Choose first Friday morning of the month-Nov. 7 & Dec. 5, 2014

Or second Tuesday of the month- Nov. 11 & Dec. 9

Call to register.

Weekly Class is forming now, please call for dates and more information.







Communication for Relationships

Please join Shelley for an engaging and informative class on ...

Mindful Parent Monthly Study Group

Join our group to study how to help our children in today's fast paced world: Learn what the latest findings in neurosience and attachment theory offer us to help children develop fully. Learn how to help your child manage difficult emotions, build cooperation skills, and increase self esteem. Learn about Mindful Meditation and how it helps to calm and center us especially when we have children. Practicing Mindful Meditation will be transformational for you and your family! Practice empathic communication-reflective listening and speaking, to build the most important relationship your children have.

Date & Time Location
First Friday morning of the month from 10:30-12:00.


Second Tuesday Evening of the month from 6:30-8:00.      

New topic each month.


Calabasas office



Calabasas office


Class Space Limited - call now to reserve.

Fee is $40 per class (Discount for couples).

*Registration Required: call (818) 345-8022

Mindful Parent Weekly Study Group

Join our weekly group to study Mindful Meditation and Parenting techniques that really work. If your child is strong willed then this class is for you! You will learn how to incorporate the latest findings in neuroscience and attachment theory to help your child increase self-esteem and self-discipline. Learn in a warm supportive class to help you enjoy the hardest job you have ever had! Practicing being a calm parent through Mindful Meditation will be transformational for you and your family! Practicing reflective listening and speaking will let you be the expert at home!

Date & Time Location
   Thursday Evenings      

    6:30 to 8:00 pm

Calabasas office
Fee is $40 per class. Discount for six weeks paid in advance.

*Registration Required: call (818) 345-8022

Watch the video below for a preview of what these classes will cover:



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